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Kryptic Pro 3kg

Kryptic Pro 3kg

Kryptic Pro is a specifically designed feed supplement containing a blend of Yeast cell wall, malic acid, ascorbic acid and research proven herbal alkaloids which is to be added to the milk fed to calves from day 3 to day 17 of life.

 It has a broad spectrum approach:

  • acidifying the stomach, so killing more bugs
  • clotting the milk in the stomach for a slower digestion and slower exit from the stomach, so the small intestine is not overloaded
  • provides Vitamin C which can be deficient in calves and is proven to reduce diarrhoea
  • the plant alkaloids have been shown to inactivate certain bugs
  • Charcoal, clay and yeast cell wall bind bugs and toxin, so they do not affect the calf.

The effect is to improve digestion of milk and so reduce diarrhoea and antibiotic use.

Feeding rate: 10g to be given twice a day from day 3 to day 17 of life. Costing £8.82 per calf.