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CPS Cattle Pump System™ 76004

CPS Cattle Pump System™ 76004

The universal pump for delivery of liquid nutrients and medicants:

The Med-Eze™ Stomach Pump and Stainless Steel Stomach Tube assembly is a high quality unit designed by a veterinarian in the USA for ease of use, durability and rapid cleaning.

Large volumes of liquid can be pumped quickly with the minimum of effort.

Leak proof pump

Durable stainless steel construction eliminates corrosion

Easy and consistent draw for delivery of product

Reduces arm and shoulder fatigue

Three strokes delivers 1 litre

Reversible for removal of stomach contents

Includes Pump and Hose Adapter

Includes 2m Whiplash Stainless Steel Stomach Tube and Nose Clamp

76004 – Med-Eze™ Stomach Pump Complete With Rubber Connecting Hose and With 150cm Stainless Steel Stomach Tube

Precise volume delivery

Years of use guaranteed

Suction Adapter

To remove stomach contents, Blockages, Bloat etc –

Attaches to Stainless Steel stomach Tube and Pump end to create suction