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High Performance Detergent for Use in Large Animal Housing Based on Anionic Surfactants and Metasilictes

  • Highly effective in removing grime, oil /grease and organic matter
  • Effective on steel & aluminium surfaces
  • Contains no perfumes or dyes
  • Contains no caustic
  • Suitable for use in dairies, will not taint foodstuffs
  • Suitable for manual spot applications and pressure washing.
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Good foaming properties

A good hygiene routine comprising cleaning followed by disinfection is the most powerful and cost-effective approach to disease control. It serves to reduce pathogenic microbial populations to safe, non-infective levels within poultry and large animal housing environments. Persistence and proliferation of pathogens in animal housing environments can be extremely problematic, particularly as a result of high levels of humidity, warm conditions and the presence of high levels of organic matter.

Any disease control regime, whether it is based on immunisation or medication, can be rapidly undermined by poor hygiene conditions. Maintenance of good hygiene practices through regular cleaning and disinfection is fundamental to any disease prevention program.

  • Dirt and organic matter can harbour infinite numbers of disease causing organisms, and act as a nutritional base for microbial proliferation. Cleaning dissolves and rinses away organic matter and associated pathogens.
  • Disinfection reduces any remaining pathogens to safe, non-infective levels by killing them outright at the recommended use-dilutions and contact periods.